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Birth Year Mandate Update | Clay County Soccer Club

Birth Year Mandate Update

Dear Clay County Soccer Club Members,

Since our last announcement there have been many questions about the upcoming changes pertaining to the U.S. Soccer “Birth Year Mandate”.

The majority of the inquiries question why CCSC is implementing the policy when U.S. Soccer is not mandating the changes until 2017/18. Florida Youth Soccer are mandating that changes be implemented in 2016/17. This means that any FYSA sanctioned club or league must adopt the changes going into the 2016 Fall season. Locally this includes the North Florida Youth Soccer League and all professionally managed soccer organizations in Jacksonville.

For more information on the FYSA mandate, please reference the following press release: http://www.fysa.com/calendar_year_birthdates_and_small_sided_games/.

If you have any questions, please address them to Clay County Soccer Club President, Al Cruz; president@claycountysoccer.com.

We appreciate your patience and support as we work through these upcoming changes.

Best regards,
Clay County Soccer Club