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CCSC at the Jacksonville Armada | Clay County Soccer Club

CCSC at the Jacksonville Armada

Clay County Soccer Club and The Jacksonville Armada enjoyed a thrilling night of soccer at the Community First Park.

Many Clay County teams were in attendance and were excited to witness some local professional soccer. Over 400 players made their way downtown to watch, many of which were involved in pregame activities such as being mascots for the players, high fiving players prior to kick off/after halftime and receiving a commemorative scarf.

The game ended with a hard fought 2-2 tie with both the teams and the spectators going home happy. It was a very exciting evening filled with great activities along with an entertaining match.

The week's build-up to the game was equally as exciting for many CCSC members. The Armada brought their team and staff to the Eagle Harbor Soccer Complex to conduct their Monday night training session in preparation for their weekend's fixture. Witnessing the training session was eye-opening for all. It was fantastic to see the level in which a professional team train at.

We look forward to participating in many more events with the Armada!

CLICK HERE to check out the fun pictures from the event!