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Clay County SOL Player wins World Cup Championship | Clay County Soccer Club

Clay County SOL Player wins World Cup Championship

Morgan Brian, midfielder for the Clay County U19 SOL and the WPSL SOL FC team earlier today helped the USA U20 Women's National team defeat Germany in the U-20 World Cup final in Tokyo, Japan.

Brian who currently plays for the University of Virginia, has played for the Clay County SOL for two years and has played for Clay County Soccer Director of Coaching Luis Torres for the past 7 years, since she was 12 years old.

"She was a great kid and the perfect player to coach" said Torres. "I told her when she was twelve that she had the potential to be a great player, I think more than anything it was her amazing attitude and her relentless work ethic, her passion for the game and her hatred of losing that helped make her one of the best female soccer players in the world" continued Torres.

Brian was a starter in all 6 games in Japan and helped the USA get to the Finals with the game winning goal against Nigeria in the Semi-Final. In the Final against a very strong German team Brian was a critical component in the US attack and relentless in defense.

"Morgan has the best understanding of the game of anybody I've ever coached, she has what we call a soccer brain and her ability to read the game is uncanny. She always seems to know what's going to happen next which allows her to be incredibly effective on both sides of the ball" said Torres.

Before heading to Japan in early August Brian helped the Clay County Soccer U19 SOL Girls win the Florida State Championship, and that team eventually went on to win the Regional and US National Championship, a first for any North Florida team.
"It's been a year of many positives for Clay County Soccer, We have had representation at every level of championship possible, A State, Regional, National and now a World Champion. It doesn't get any better than that" concluded Torres.

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