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Practice Schedule Spring 2017

Goalkeeping Program

Clay County Soccer Club’s Goalkeeper Training program is about developing the technical skills of goalkeeping while helping players gain a tactical understanding of when and how to use them. Great consideration is taken when planning sessions with the goal of maximizing work to rest ratios and emulating game scenarios in a controlled and efficient environment. Throughout the course of the season our goalkeeping coaches cover many topics, including; shot stopping, crosses, breakaways, 3 goal situations, footwork, handling and distribution.

Our Goalkeeping Staff is committed to training the technical, tactical, mental and physical aspects that are needed to succeed at this position. Our staff holds position specific training twice a week and seamlessly communicates with the individual team coaches to create a total integrated approach. Goalkeepers must attend Goalkeeper training at least once a week regardless of whether or not their team has training scheduled at the same time.