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Nutrition for Soccer Players | Clay County Soccer Club

Whether you’re playing at the recreational or premier levels; proper nutrition for soccer plays a massive role in performance and recovery. Below is a food list that will help you make better choices to help increase performance. Depending on age, weight, height and gender your caloric needs may vary. The other factors that may take into account is playing time. If you’re a role player and spend 20 minutes on the field, your needs may not be that of someone playing 80-90 minutes. Please keep this in mind during game day nutrition. For individualized approach please contact James Walsh**.

  • Eggs; Organic or brown
  • Chicken
  • Fish; Wild Caught; High in Omega-3’s
  • Tuna; in water
  • Beef; Grass fed or antibiotic free
  • Veal
  • Lamb
  • Turkey
  • (Protein powders if needed)
  • Olive Oil; Extra Virgin
  • Coconut Oil, Organic
  • Dairy Butter; Grass Fed, Cheeses; Heavy Cream
  • Avocado
  • Peanut Butter
  • Dark Chocolate; 85% Cocoa
  • Vegetables; provides fiber; Micro-nutrients (Green leafy, Broccoli, Green Beans, Asparagus, Kale, Spinach, Beets, Cucumbers, Carrots (Starch), Peas (Starch), Cauliflower, Peppers, Squash (Starch))
  • Complex Carbohydrates; Gluten Free and Non-GMO (Oats, Rice, Potatoes; Sweet and White, Pasta, Beans, Quinoa)
  • Fruits; Limit the amount of Fructose intake ( Any Berry; Blueberries, Blackberries; Strawberries; Raspberries, Dark pitted Cherries, Grapefruit, Oranges, Apples, Grapes, Pineapple, Plums, Bananas)

James Walsh

James Walsh is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with emphasis in youth development & corrective exercise. He also holds a diploma as a Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner and certificate in Sports Nutrition. He is also on a board of directors for personal training at a local college in Jacksonville, Florida. James’s passion for athletics began as a young man playing goalkeeper and going through the ODP process. James has coached soccer at toddler to high school levels.

He has worked with many populations over his 9 years as a Strength Coach and has had great success from restoring physical health to helping people with new lifestyle adaptions. James also has had contributing articles to local newspapers on health and training. Out of all his accomplishments, He is a proud husband to an amazing and supportive wife and father of 3 awesome kids. If you would like to get in touch with James, please visit www.groundforcestrength.com or by e-mailing him at james@groundforcestrength.com for more information.