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Recreational Program Changes for U19 Division | Clay County Soccer Club
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Recreational Program Changes for U19 Division

Due to last year’s mandate by the USYS regarding the switch from “Grade” year to “Birth” year, this change not only affected players from playing with their classmates, but it also created a situation for some High School Seniors not having the opportunity to play their final year due to their “Birth” year aged them out of the current U19 Division.

In addition, we noticed that some players in the U16 bracket age-up into the U19 division resulting from their birthdate being in the latter half of the year.

In an effort to address these issues and to keep the age bracket reasonable with the make-up of players, we are creating two age divisions: 

  • U18 (players born in 2000 and 2001) 
  • U20 (players born in 1998 and 1999)

At this time, it is intended that both age brackets will be COED and play 7v7 in-house. It is not intended that these age group will be playing each other, rather to separate and manage the players and teams as we currently due the younger age groups U14 and U16. The reasoning for smaller rosters is that at this age, several players are pursuing employment and other interests such as college planning, etc.

These new age groups are intended to be solely RECREATIONAL that provide a social opportunity for players to enjoy their final years of soccer with friends.

If interested, please use the following two links to register for the upcoming 2017 Fall REC season.

U18 and U20 Division at Clay County:

U18 and U20 Division at Westside:

Players already registered for the 2017 Fall REC season will be placed in the appropriate age group based on their “birth” year.

Due to this late change … special requests for these two age divisions will be extended to July 15, 2017.