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Interested in becoming a Certified Soccer Referee?

Check out this website for upcoming classes ... flsrc.org.

There will not be a new class held at CCSC, but there will be classes in this area.
 You can attend a class held at any location, but you must register online at flsrc.org.

Any questions, contact Mary Barth at mbarth3778@aol.com

Clay County Soccer Club employs USSF / FIFA certified soccer referees for all games.

Referees must attend a course and become certified in order to referee league games.
The minimum age requirement is 13 years old.

For more information about becoming a referee contact our ...

Referee Assignor Mary Barth at MBarth3778@aol.com or (904) 269-3031
Certified Referee Trainer (CRT) Chris Kenney chriskenney5@gmail.com or (904) 945-4389