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Sportsmanship at Its Finest!

This letter (presented below) was recently received from an appreciative soccer parent regarding one of our youth players.

Sportsmanship at it's finest ... a lesson folks of all ages can learn and appreciate! I am proud of you !

Al Cruz

I wanted to pass along something nice that happened at a soccer game on Sunday August 21 involving a Clay County team. The game was a 2007 boys game (8 and 9 year old boys), and it was the championship game of the weekend tournament at Chuck Rogers. My son was on the team playing against Clay.

After a very heated game, where admittedly parents on both sides got way too involved and boisterous, the tournament sponsors gave out medals. Apparently, by mistake, they gave out the runner-up medals to my son's team (which had won) and gave the championship medals to the Clay team. No one noticed during the medal process, but while we were walking to the parking lot word spread what had occurred and the sponsors said they'd fix it later.

Just after we found out, as we were walking out, the one girl who had been on the Clay team approached my son and asked if he wanted to swap medals, given the mistake. She was with her father. They did so, and I thought her act exhibited great sportsmanship on the part of a sub-10-year-old. Especially, I should add, after a game that was very heated and as alluded to above, had a bit too much parental involvement in my opinion. Just prior to this, coincidentally, she had approached my son and told him again "good game" in a very nice way. My son and I both really appreciated her kindness, and I wanted to pass this along, and I would grateful if you could thank the girl and her father again. Her father/parents should be proud of what they have taught her and how she has followed their teachings. We need more athletes like her, as it can become a "pay it forward" type situation with kids.