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Volunteers Needed for U18 Boys State Cup | Clay County Soccer Club

Volunteers Needed for U18 Boys State Cup

U18 Boys State Cup March 23-24
Clay County Soccer Club is hosting the U18 Boys State Cup March 23 and 24, 2013.

Your support and assistance is needed in making this a great experience for the club and the teams traveling to our area from around Florida.

Field Monitors
Nothing can impact a tournament more than issues on the sidelines. We need your help in providing an enjoyable trouble free venue for these games, players and parents. We are in need of 6 monitors per shift, one for each field in use. The field monitor will stand between the parents of both teams and make sure everyone is well behaved and nothing gets out of hand. If there is a problem you will call one of the managers or board members to help with any situation. It is not a hard job and we need to get it covered.

We also need help in Concessions and at the BBQ grill.